Altstadthotel Weisse Taube

Kaigasse 9, A, Зальцбург, Австрия
телефон: +43-662-842404

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Altstadthotel Weisse Taube was built on St. Peter’s grounds in 1365 and was called " das Haus gegen der Tumber Spital" the house next to the cathedral’s hospital. It was owned by Probst Peter von Dorenperch and later it belonged to Margaret Schawchsgawin, mother of the vicar of Gastein.1369 it was bought by another clerical man called Martin. 1371 it went into possession of the monastery of St. Peter, 1393 to Ulrich der Zelber of Kaprun and 1405 to Bartholomaeus the carpenter. Many other owners followed: 1434 the Panderlerin, 1442 Chunrat, 1463 Alerius Goldschmied, 1468 Martin Pandler and Elspet, his sister, 1473 Lukas Zeyringer and 1481 Stempfer, both citizens fo Salzburg - 1491 the house was bought by the tailor’s city guild and they remained the landlords until 1809. On December 23rd, 1809 the surgeon Joseph Reisenberger bought the place at an auction and he opened it to the public as " Gasthaus zum Goldenen Frieden". From 1858 on it again had many different owners: Johann Trauner, 1874 Johann Meindl, 1879 Josef and Maria Elsenwenger, 1890 Josef and Maria Pichler, 1894 Johann and Maria Pahl, 1903 Josef and Annna Baumann.1904 the honoured citizen and council member of Salzburg Josef Haubner bought the inn. 1926 it was passed on to his son Heinrich and his wife Anna and then their son and daughter-in-law took over 1961 and completely renovated the building in 1964 as it had been badly damaged during the last years of World War 2.In 1992 the hotel changed into a company with their daughter Doris and her husband Helmut Wollner. Their children Alexandra and Bernhard will be ready with hotel training school in the next years to follow the family tradition in the fifth generation.

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